Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Naeemi's Theological Innovations: In the Light of Tafseer Naeemi مفتی احمد یار خان نعیمی کے عقائد سے متعلق تفردات ؛تفسیر نعیمی کی روشنی میں

  • Tahreem M.Phil. Graduate, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Gujrat, Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, Punjab College Ali Pur Chatha, Punjab, Pk
  • Ayaz Akhter Ph.D. Research Scholar, Institute of Islamic Studies & Sharia, MY University, Islamabad, Pakistan


Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Naeemi (1894-1964) was a renowned scholar   commentator, jurist and Sufi from the Indian subcontinent. Honored with the title "Hakim al-Ummat" (Wise Leader of the Nation), left an indelible mark on theological discourse through his magnum opus, Tafseer Naeemi. While a staunch defender of Sunni orthodoxy, Naeemi also dared to innovate, sparking debate and discussion. This abstract delves into his key theological departures, as illuminated by his Tafseer. Tawhid (Oneness of God): He firmly believed in Allah's absolute oneness and indivisibility. He emphasized that Allah has no partner in His being, attributes, or actions.

Nature of God: He envisioned God as a personal, transcendent being, capable of knowing and acting, yet beyond earthly limitations. Attributes of God: Naeemi affirmed God's perfect attributes, acknowledging some as beyond human grasp. Risalat (Prophethood): His absolute faith in Prophet Muhammad's prophet hood held that he was Allah's final messenger and guide for humanity. His mission was to guide all humans towards the right path. Day of Judgment: He envisioned Judgment Day as the unveiling of truth, where everything will be revealed in its authentic form. He believed that Muslims will feel intense aversion towards their disbelieving companions who will appear horrifically disfigured. Angels: He described angels as luminous beings capable of shape shifting. He estimated their vast number, stating that humans are one-tenth the size of jinn, who are one-tenth the size of terrestrial animals, and so on. These innovative stances, evident in Tafseer Naeemi, sparked both appreciation and criticism. His legacy compels us to engage in thoughtful theological discourse, embracing intellectual exploration within the bounds of Islamic wisdom.

Keywords: Naeemi, Hakim al-Ummat, Shaytan, shape shifting, Muradabad, jinn, Kachocha Shareef, Theological Innovations (Tafa’rud)

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