Comparison of Forever Beauty in ode to Grecian urn, Mosque of Qartaba and Poem Hassan Kozagar

  • Safdar Ali Shah Assistant Professor in Urdu at Govt College Ghazi District Haripor KPK
  • Afshan Jabeen Lecturer Department of Urdu Malakand University
  • Humaira Assistant Professor Department of Urdu Islamia Collage Peshawar


In the present paper, John Keats's poem Ode on the Gracian Urn, Iqbal's poem Masjid Qurtaba, and Noon Meem Rashid's poem Hasan Kozagar are compared to highlight the eternal firsts of Hasan. creates new patterns and erases these patterns by passing through the stages of evolution. Therefore, life in nature is a battle for survival. Those songs of life that are newly heard in the music of today are beautiful. But when they come out of the furnace of love, they become the most beautiful by putting them into the new music. Just like the leaves of a flower, the leaves in the branches, and the sunset in the evening, there are such relations that the beauty continues. This is called the golden ratio in mathematical language. Finally, it is concluded that the beauty of life defeats time and achieves eternity and life will never die on the chaman and will remain eternally beautiful.

Keywords- Forever Beauty, Grecian urn, Mosque of Qartaba and Poem Hassan Kozagar