Poetic Emotions in Imagery: Illustrations from Dewan- E- Ghalib

  • Hajira Anwar PhD scholar Department of Conservation Studies, Hazara University
  • Dr. Zain ul Wahab Associate professor, Department of Conservation Studies, Hazara University
  • Dr. Surriyya Choudhary Associate professor Department of Fine Arts, Fatima Jinnah women University Rawalpindi


This paper aims to investigate how Ghalib's classical approach to using imagery and metaphorical language evokes powerful emotions. The study calls on a thorough reading of selected poems from Dewan-e-Ghalib and analyses the imagery used by Ghalib to express emotions like love, longing, sorrow, and agony. This study highlights how Ghalib's imagery is often layered with multiple meanings and dimensions, creating a rich tapestry of emotions that captivates the eyes and mind of the reader. The study also explores how Ghalib's use of imagery reflects the cultural and literary norms and traditions of the time, as well as his own unique style and voice and his contributions to Urdu literature. Moreover, study contributes to our understanding of the power of poetic imagery to convey emotions and create a deep emotional connection with the reader through painting, which is a source of preserving and transmitting knowledge. An effort is made to strengthen the meaning and expand the horizons of two arts through mutual sustainability and illumination based on Dewan-e-Ghalib.

Keywords: Ghalib, Poetic Emotions, Illustration