The Human Condition and History within Islamic and Western Societies تاريخ الإنسان ومكانته وخصائصه في الإسلام والمجتمع الغربي.

  • دكتور وجاهت خان (المحاضر للدراسات الإسلامية، في الجامعة كوتلي الكشمير الحرة) )
  • دكتور محمد طاهر (الاستاد المساعد للدراسات الإسلامية في الجامعة العالمية الإسلامية إسلام آباد


This paper examines the history of human beings in Islamic and western perspectives. The contents analyses method was adopted in the study.  In Islamic history, Adam, peace be upon him, is first man, Allah Almighty created Adam from mud breathing into him His soul.  After his creation, Allah Almighty ordered the angels to bow before Adam as a mark of respect and descended him on the earth making worship as purpose of humanity. Worship includes fulfillment of spiritual and bodily requirement using the worldly sources which have been conquered to them by Allah Almighty. Europeans were the followers of Jesus Christ in the beginning, but they deviated from right path after the death of Jesus Christ. Church People became mediators between God and common people, they introduced the false concepts of trinity and monasticism in Christianity. To come out from the clutches of Church People, people made great efforts. Islamic civilization, protestant movement in Europe and French revolution played a major role in this context. In modern times the European world commonly flourished materially but weekend spiritually.

Keywords: History, Human, Creation, Mediators, Christianity, European, Spiritually.