Impacts of Migration in Recursion of Feminism in Jamila Hashmi’s Fiction; A case study of Talash-e-Baharan جمیلہ ہاشمی کے ہاں ہجرت کے اثرات اور تانیثیت کی بازگشت ، بحوالہ: تلاشِ بہاراں

  • Dr. Naqeeb Ahmad Jan Associate Professor, Chairperson Department of Urdu, Women University Swabi
  • Miss. Najeeba Manan MPhil Scholar, Department of Urdu, Women University Swabi


Jamila Hashmi (1929-1988) was a great and famous fiction writer of Urdu literature. She has made her special place in fiction writing in Urdu literature. Jamila Hashmi has lift impressions of individually, that can never be forgotten. Taking advantage from the boarder spectrum of novelty. She has experimented with various aspects in which male dominance has emerged in a unique way. Many of Jamila Hashmi’s novel have come to light. Her first novel is TALASH-E-BAHARAN which was published in the year 1971. In this novel Jamila Hashmi talks about the common civilization before Indian subcontinent partition, oppression of women and their place in society. She was awarded with Adam G award for writing this novel. This article shed light on her views in this regard.

Key Words: Jamila Hashmi, Migration, Feminism, Indo-Pak Subcontinent, Indian Society