Thoughts of Junayd al-Baghdadi about Taṣawwuf : A Special Study تصوف کے بارے میں حضرت جنید بغدادی کی فکر کا خصوصی مطالعہ

  • Zamara Bibi Ph.D. Research Scholar, Institute of Islamic Studies and Shariah, MY University, Islamabad
  • Dr Hafiz Mohsin Zia Qazi Associate Professor, Director, Institute of Islamic Studies and Shariah, MY University, Islamabad


Sheikh Junaid al-Baghdadi is one of the most reliable and respected figures of his era and the entire history of Sufism. He is called the founder and founder of Sufism. He laid down principles, rules and laws for Sufism when it was in its formative period. Sheikh Junaid is not the founder or founder of Sufism in the sense in which this word is commonly used, but rather he is the founder in the sense that he laid down the principles and rules for it and in its formative period it was a He gave a special tone and style which he continues till today.The greatness and uniqueness of Sheikh Junaid was felt by the people even in his era and Sufiya continued to admit this in later periods as well. A great tribute to him is that all Sufism scholars have unanimously recognized him as their leader and Sayyid al-Taifah, and the Sufis of every age have attributed their attribution to him. Shah Waliullah has written that the followers of Sufism differ from each other in their practices, but they all agree on Sheikh Junaid in their lineage.A number of Islamic scholars and contemporary Orientalists have worked extensively on Sufism. Some Orientalists have devoted their entire lives to the study of Sufism or the study of a single personality. But despite the greatness and historical importance of Sheikh Junaid Baghdadi, no such remarkable work has been done on him yet.