A Study on the Provision of Social and Health Related Guidance Services In Schools

  • Javed Mustafa Head, Department of Education & Research, Khushal Khan Khattak University Karak
  • Mehr-un-Nisa Sub Divisional Education Officer (Female)Kohat, Elementary & Secondary Education Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Zafar Saleem Assistant Professor, Department of Education Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University Nerian Sharif Azad Jammu and Kashmir


Descriptive survey research design was applied for exploring the provision of health and social guidance services in government schools for girls in Kohat division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Pakistan. To find the practices of social and to investigate the health-related guidance in schools were the objectives of the study. The objectives were followed by the research questions that; Do teachers practice social guidance services in schools? And do teachers provide health related guidance services to the students in schools?

All the schools’ heads of government high and higher secondary schools for girls and their teachers comprised the population of the study. Through multistage random sampling technique, total 72 schools’ heads out of 77 and 216 SST teachers out of 243 were selected as sample of the study. Self-developed questionnaire with reliability index of 0.79 checked through the method of test retest was used. Data was analyzed through percentages and t-test.

It was found that there was a lack of providing social and health related guidance to the students in schools. Schools’ heads and their teachers had similar stance about the provision of guidance services in schools. It was recommended that the policy makers should frame rules for providing social and health related guidance to students at school level. The administration should emphasize the delivery of social and health relevant useful information to the learners. Further, it was recommended for the government to ensure the provision of guidance programs in schools.

Key Words: Social guidance, Health related guidance, secondary level students

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